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idling motor?

I am not a mechanic! have a 2008 Yamaha 60 four stroke. it don't run at idle just kills quick. it runs just great with the idle lever up on the control box but when you put it down kills quick. i called a dealership and the guy said its probably the idling motor???? has anyone ever heard of an idling motor and could this be true???
Idling motor
He's probably referring to the idle speed control valve. It controls the fuel/air mixture at idle. Google it and you may be able to troubleshoot it. Keep us posted. May have trouble with my Yam. someday.
Good luck!
where is this valve located is it hard to get to?
I would google an image for the ISC Valve and see what comes up. I know it can get dirty and it controls the fuel air mixture only when the outboard is idling. Hope that helps. Good luck.
thanks but don't sound to good but I will google it will let u know!!

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