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South Farms

Mr. Larry Reynolds are anyone who has hunted south farms this year how was the first few weeks and how do the ponds look? I got picked for the lottery hunt on the second split and was just wondering. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Hunting was about average for the first split at the South Farm. Interestingly, the unit with the best food production had one of the lowest success rates. Here is a summary of the first split:

Five (5) days hunting------- Nov. 22 to Dec. 06, 2014

58 Waterfowl Hunters/ 21 Groups---------Avg. 2.8 Hunters/Group

95 Ducks Harvested-------------------------Avg. 4.5 Ducks/Group Avg. 1.6 Ducks/Hunter

Send me an e-mail if you want to see the entire report.