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New Feature Needed for Reports

After reading the trash recently posted by BuckyBearskin1 it's clear that this site needs an option to report offensive/inappropriate posts.

I suggest a 'report this post' option be added to the system options at the bottom of each report so the moderators can delete such trash promptly.

For example:

View Reports by XXXX
View Reports in Events & Announcements
YES!!! That guys post is ridiculous and needs to be removed immediatley!! I am all for this feature! I have sent an email to the web director hoping they take action. This is supposed to be a family oriented site and nothing to do with the topics BuckyBareskin1 is touching on.
dropping the ball
Wow, 9 hours, still there. A little QC LAS?
They really need to delete this guys prolife from the site all together. Wish there was a way to give a lifetime ban.
I just deleted his post. He is not the only one. There was someone going by the name 'gatortail69' last week that was posting likewise disgusting stuff. He has since been deleted.
I am not sure how to keep this from happening but I am for whatever needs to be done. Get rid of the garbage like BuckyBareskin and all of the spammers that have been on here lately as well.
99% of people on here are here to share their stories and get and give advice. But you always have that 1% who don't have a real life and feel they need some attention for being weirdo's.
Report Feature Needed
Most forums of which I am a member have a 'Report' feature that allows members to notify moderators of inappropriate posts, SPAM or scams so they can be deleted immediately. That feature is needed here. There are a LOT of scams in the Classifieds section that need to be reported & deleted.
The scams in the classifieds are dealt with fairly quickly. I wear out the delete button, usually deleting a dozen or so a day. The only problem is as soon as they are deleted, they pop right back up under a different alias. I used to even screw with the people and mark the ad as 'Sold' or even edit their ad with my own comments. It does not matter, the criminals that post them never read or check their ads, they just post it and wait for a call or email about it.