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Obsession bows

Have any of you herd of the obsession bows got me one and love it I shot every bow there is just about and this one is by far the best one they are supposed to be the next big thing price isn't so bad either they guna blow Mathews out the water!!!!!
Yes I have bought me an Evolution earlier this year and love it. One little thing to warn you about is the silver screws in the string stops come loose easy. I called Obsession and told them mine were coming loose and they sent some black teflon coated screws free of charge. Put those on and havent had a problem since. Bow is extremely fast and as quiet as any other bow on the market. The customer service is second to none as well.

Had my bow for about 3 weeks before i took it out for my first weekend of hunting. Took a doe on my second hunt for my first bow kill ever.

congrats on your first bow kill.