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Winter time = big species

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls dogs and cats roaches and rats!!! Or to whom it may concern!! Be advised that it is wintertime which sometimes equals sushi for 1000!! Meaning this time of the year with just a perhaps a little luck, you can get into schools of big giant yellow fins, big wahoos, big snappers, Big cobia's, big groupers, big hardtails, and of course turbo-magnum size mullets! Aka MULLITRONS, and those are just the bait!! Long as ya arm, I tell ya! When the fish cooperate it is usually stellar days! It is the start of our big fish migration and will last all the way through March. If we are lucky early to mid April! BUT THIS IS THE START!! Why not go at them in the beginning before everyone else is on top of them and they get slick like! I have already heard reports which are from an extremely reliable source that some of our favorite winter time fishing spots have had a big tunas Seen and actually caught! Also I fished 3 days last week, although It was slow I marked on the fish sonar a plethora of STUDS! Lost 2 or 3 decent to good size yellow fins, and a ton of blackfins! Not to mention a quick 7 man limit of real big red snappers, with a few real nice scamp groupers in the mix! if you would like to go out there on a charter or perhaps if you have your own boat I have all the tackle and equipment necessary to put hooks in their faces!! Let's do it just call me up and we shall figure it out not to mention this weekend looks phenomenal and the weather has been phenomenal for about a week or so. I know it is calm out there, well as of right now! So give me a shout at
504-559-3556 and make sure to look up my Facebook page for pictures of some of my trips over the years, there are plenty to gaze upon! Here is my email to search, but remember to call or tex me!