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Gps satellite imagery

I fish mostly point au fer area. I have been trying to get a map source that has up to date satellite imagery. Everyone keeps saying platinum plus charts is what I need, but the imagery is from the early 90's and very inaccurate. I have a lowrance elite 5 dsi but will buy any gps necessary to get the imagery I need. Really am liking the lowrance 7 touch.
What is the Best Mappping for the coastal marsh?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Blazer Bay Pro~

Unless you go quite a distance off shore where NOAA Marine Charts are needed, I suggest that you look at the Lowrance TOPO INSIGHT and TOPO INSIGHT PRO programs offered by Lowrance.
Theses programs are based on USGS Topographical Maps and not on NOAA Marine Charts. Yes, I know you are in a boat, but topo type maps depict the intricate marsh lands much better than Marine Charts. In addition, you can subscribe to downloads of corrected aerial photo maps of the areas you are interested in. It is a rally versatile program.

But, before laying down money for something that you may not be satisfied with, go to a stocking Lowrance dealer and ask to view the mapping program installed in a GPS unit. Pick an area that you are familiar with and zoom in on the features. That way you can determine if the investment is worth your money. I think it will be.

Captain Paul
hds units
You can get any of the lowrance HDS units and use the standard mapping e cards. However they are limited in the area covered. One card does not cover it all.