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The groupers should be thick as thieves

In the summer when I found that nest of giant yellow edge groupers, I got extremely lucky that they were all big none of them was under 12 pounds!! I caught 18 of them that were over 20lbs, plus four for the record books in the 30 pound range! So what I'm saying is wintertime is allegedly the migration of big grouper, yeah they do somewhat migrate! That spot that found, which by the way there is four of them but one of the spots produced the records!! I would be willing to bet no one has it for years only because the fish were so big maybe no one has ever dropped on it before! Who knows! Anyways I have not been to those spots sense like June so I am willing to bet they have some massive groupers on it!! Who would like to find out? In grand isle I had a commercial fisherman offered me $10,000 for the number to those spots I said no way! I would like to have it when ever I want! So who would like to go with me and probably more than likely, hammer-jack those willy-whoppers!! I am sure they are there and they are probably HUGE!! How about yall call me up and let's do it who knows there may be some for the record books and in my opinion it is the prettiest fish and by all means the best tasting!! I haven't anything to beat it!! Also there are a lot of shrimp boats working the area!! Let's try for some big tuna as well! 504-559-3556
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