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Just got a Lowrance Elite-5.What type of software should I get for the marshes and lakes of south Louisiana around dularge,dulac,cocodrie and the barrier island locations.What version of the edge would be helpful?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~Justin L. ~

I suggest that you look at the Lowrance TOPO INSIGHT and TOPO INSIGHT PRO programs offered by Lowrance.
Theses programs are based on USGS Topographical Maps and not on NOAA Marine Charts. Yes, I know you are in a boat, but tope type maps depict the intricate marsh lands much better than Marine Charts. In addition, you can subscribe to downloads of corrected aerial photo maps of the areas you are interested in.

But, before laying down money for something that you may not be satisfied with, go to a stocking Lowrance dealer and ask to view the mapping program installed in a GPS unit. Pick an area that you are familiar with and zoom in on the features. That way you can determine if the investment is worth your money. I think it will be.

As for the CAPTAIN PAULíS FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS, I have an EDGE file for the Dulac area. I think that you will really like the locations that are listed. The file is designed to be electronically downloaded into your GPS unit via a spare memory card. To do the downloads, you will need either the above listed TOPO INSIGHT or their INSIGHT PLANNER. The features of the Planner Version are included in the Topo Insight program.

Check out the INSIGHT program, I am sure that you will be pleased.

Captain Paul
Insight Topo
I will check that out.Do you think these maps would cover areas as far out as coon point,whiskey island, and the last island where I chase trout in the summer months.This is my first unit I've ever had Im pretty excited about it lol.What areas of Dulac are the waypoints for-Lake Boudreaux?Bayou Rambo?Thanks for your help.Lets go fishing captain
Maps for your unit
Yes they ship old cover the area around and past Last Islands.
I believe that they cover seaward for about 3-5 miles from lands end.
The Edge files cover the Dulac-DeLarge area out to the Last islands. I will send you later today an overlay that shows roughly where the waypoints are located. Send be your email address as it would be a .pdf attachment.

I am sure they will cover the areas you need.

Again, I must say to visit a stocking dealer and actually view the mapping program before making the investment.

Captain Paul
Topo Insight HD Southeast
That map Capt. Paul is speaking of is the Lowrance Topo Insight HD Southeast v14. I just purchased the same GPS and this is the software I bought to use in the Atchafalaya Basin. It is a detailed satellite imagery map. It looks pretty good but I haven't had a chance to go out in the boat and try it yet. It shows all of the bayous that aren't shown on a traditional map. But like he said, look at it before you buy it.