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Public land 10 point

This 10 point buck came out at 2:30 pm looking for the rattling that I had been doing. Shot him at 35 yards, run about 20 yards and collapsed.
16 1x2 inside spread. 185 pounds. Took about 2 1x2 hours to haul him out; but it was worth it.
That is a fine public land buck right there. One of the reasons we public land hunters hunt public land is the feeling after putting in all the hard work and successfully taking a nice trophy buck.

Nice work.
nice 10
Good one !!! off Homes ? I know how it feels to kill 10 on public land. 09 I killed a 10 in the pearl...

Nice wall hanger Congrats
10 pt
Niiice one!! congrats!!
Great animal!!! That's something to be proud of!!! Congrats!!!
Hey what rattling techniques do you use for In la? I have yet to have any luck
Knock the antlers together hard enough to be heard to only about 100 yards then rub them together for about 10 seconds and grunt when done do this two or three times. Repeat at about 1x2 hour or so.
sometimes it works sometimes it does not.
Has worked for me several times over the years.
A few times I had does coming in, trying to shake off young bucks. Shot the bucks.
Good luck