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Coot Recipe

How 'bout somebody post some good COOT recipes. I always take a few each year and usually butterfly the breast and fry like a piece of fish in Zatarains seasoned fish fry...can't tell it from a duck.
Last day of the season after we pick up decoys we usually go on a Coot slaughter Kill about 100 or as many limits for people we got....spend all afternoon drinking beer talking about the season and breasting and bagging them to fry all year or add to a gumbo. Just cant beat that fried up with some fish fry or in a seafood gumbo.
Marinade with milk overnight in frig. Remove from frig and marinade in Italian dressing for 4 hours. Season with Tony’s, preheat oven at 350, place coots on cardboard in oven for 1.5 hours. Remove from oven, throw coot in garbage and eat the damn cardboard
   David B.
I have a coot recipe that my father passed on to me and his father before him. I don't think Mr Folse can hold a candle to this coot recipe that only consists of a few simple steps:

1. Marinate coot whole or deboned in your favorite marinade for 2 days.

2. Season coot with your favorite cajun rub

3. Get two fire bricks..... brand irrelevant

4. First pan fry coot in black iron pan with a small amount of oil til brown on all sides.

5. Place coot in oven (350 degrees) placing the fire bricks on either side.

6. Cook for 5 hours until meat is falling off the bone.

7. Discard coot away and eat the bricks
You guys eating the cardboard and bricks are missing out. :-)
Seriously...they are pretty good eating if prepared fresh or in a gumbo. I know people that want nothing to do with ducks...but will take all the coot you care to share with them. Hope everyone has had a great season!
I make jambalaya with them. Good stuff. My friends from Lafayette and west don't eat them, Everyone I grew up with from South Lafourche eat them. Not sure if it's because of the bird's diet or just a cultural thing. My friends from Acadiana Parish would eat Gro-becks if they were legal. Wouldn't catch someone from Golden Meadow wasting a shot at one of those. Its cultural.
I think Boots hit the nail on the head. I have a theory about these sorts of things: game that is easy to kill or catch with basic, non-specialized gear used to be seen as inferior on sporting (and probably class) grounds. 'It's easy to shoot a coot/catch a gou. Try shooting a pintail/catching a trophy bass.' Over time, we forget the initial reason - or more likely, repress it, deliberately forget it - and supplant it with a more reasonable one: 'Coots and gou don't taste good.'

I came to Louisiana from Texas and brought with me a lot of culinary prejudices: choupique (which we called grennel): hell no. Black drum: only if you're hurting/have an empty freezer. Coot: no way. Spoonies and ringnecks: give them to your unsuspecting neighbor who knows nothing about ducks. What's the common denominator among all the foregoing? It's not that they taste bad - though, to be fair, I'm still quick to skin my ringnecks instead of plucking them. In fact, lots of these are quite tasty, delicacies even, for some people. Rather, what they all share is a particularly sorry survival instinct, making them easy to get in the pot.

Class, I'll note as an afterthought, is also significant. In Texas, if you can get to it with a canepole, then it's disparaged my many 'sportsmen' as unworthy/untasty. That's one of the really cool things about Louisiana: its culinary traditions, many of them the consequence of entrenched poverty generations back, have climbed into the mainstream. The rich come from all over the world to eat cuisine that was forged out of poverty.
Marinating in diesel for 2-3 days usually helps with the gamey taste... I'm no Emeril Lagasse, but the last time I cooked coot at the camp it smelled like someone sauteed a dirty diaper. Never again.
I use the same recipe for:
30+ pound redfish/drum

Give them to your in-laws
Got a handful of Medicare Clients wanting nothing to with ducks but wanting everything to do with coots!!!I did stir fry one many,many seasons ago and it was killed very early in regular duck season and tasted great-tried another one killed at end of same season and maybe this particular coot ate bunch of clams as the meat smelled and tasted like clams,horrible!!!Maybe the cedar plank recipe woulda worked-grille de beast on cedar plank and toss out coot and EAT plank!!!