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stalked and videoed this public 8 pointer

Well yesterday evening I was longbow hunting for does ready to unleash the 100lb beast while I was watching a beautiful sunset on the mighty Mississippi reading a book when I heard something behind me. A racked buck was a ways off feeding slowly. I decided, why not see how close I can get expecting to get busted in the dry crackling leaves, but I climbed down anyways and approached with ninja stealth hopping from one downed tree limb to another. I was hoping a doe was with him. However, he was alone, so I laid down the bow and crept closer. Somehow I got within 35yds before he even noticed something was nearby. I was able to get great video with my camcorder in the fading light. He was walking off 30yds broadside when I blew my extinguisher twice. He looked up and was wondering why I didn't have horns coming off my head. Wow, what an amazing experience for sure. Even though I'm tagged out of bucks, to me this was just as fun as harvesting deer and the reason why I'm still in the woods every chance I can get. But next year I hope our paths cross, once again, in bow range!

The pic is not great quality because I snapped it from the camcorder screen.

I have many cool stories to post of this year's adventures with some really neat tactics that I used and a whole lotta' luck, lol, but I need to find some time to write 'em up and edit all my footage.