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Advanced Mapping

Hey Capt Paul, I read the articles on GPS and mapping and I have something that may blow you out of the water.

Over the course of a couple of months I debated on whether or not to sign up for Navionics or Lowrances Insight Genesis. The part I could not get over is the $100 yearly fee associated with the programs. Besides the money, I would have to record sonar data and upload to them for processing. In a roundabout sort of way I stumbled across Reefmaster

From this I could record my own data and process the files myself, and do this cheaper than the yearly fees associated with the other programs. Reefmaster has a free trial download so I gave it a shot…and now I am addicted to logging sonar data.

I have an HDS 7 and the attached files are data I collected while out on the water. I make an average of 40+ trips a year out of Cypermort point, so I log a lot of time on the water. Since October 2014 I am logging sonar on all of my trips so every time I go I am gathering info to make me a better fisherman and my trips more productive.

I have also noticed that a lot of data, Navionics and such, are using data that is over 20 years old. I have also noticed changes in depth in certain locations changing over the last two years. This leaves all mapping chips available to todays fisherman obsolete.

Now that I am educated with the software I have reached out to friends that fish, and recruited a team to log data and share with the group. When a member makes a trip, he logs data and sends it to me. I, in turn process the file and release a new revision of the map. Our hopes are to complete Vermilion Bay by the end of the summer.

Take a look at the attached pics of Caldwell reef. We are still in the beginning stages of this project but man, think of the possibilities of this.