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New Set up

Went this past weekend early to pick up some reds on top water and site fishing and later in the evening went to a honey hole and grab some sacs. There is Not to many states where you can grab reds, blue and channel cat and some reds all in the same day.

Yak gear was selling these LED lights for 99$ plus tax, I found on Amazon 2 of the lights for 27$ and built own attachment with the purchase of RAILBLAZA Three Axis Platform (20$). The water proof switch was around 25$. At the end of the day I saved around 90$. After seeing how bright this light is I just use one on the kayak. It works great and allows me to sneak out to the spot before sunrise and I can swing it around if I hear a boat coming.

I recently designed a new dash board on my kc which allows me to place all my rod holders and gear where I want it. Most dash boards are very expensive or only a certain size. This is what I like about the kc. (Options are endless) The other thing is, is that I can jump up and move around with all the space in the yak.
Nice rig, and really cool light. What kind of bracket setup do you have for your trolling motor?
I have a homemade bassyaks style setup on mine with foot controls.

I made a cajun anchor for mine for about $15. I bought a copper grounding rod and shackle from Lows. I cut the grounding rod in half, so I could easily make another pretty much for free lol. Have been using it for a couple of months with no issues. Haven't tried it in any deeper than 8 feet of water, but had no problems at that depth, even on a windy day.

Anyway, nice looking mods. I am a huge fan of anything DIY that improves kayak fishing hehe.
KC Kayak comes with a V-lock and mount. If you contact KC kayaks they could set you up with one if interested or direct you. or