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GPS Fishing in S.E.LA

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim Kolesa. I am a resident of Louisiana for 40+ yrs. I'm
originally from Illinois. I moved down here to attend LSUNO. Married,
raised a family and stayed put.

When I first moved down here, being an avid weekend fisherman in
Illinois, I bought a small boat and went fishing. Raising a family,
buying a house, and making a career at a local manufacturing company all
took its toll on my weekend outings. Other than a very occasional
fishing trip with a friend, I had stopped fishing for a very long
stretch, and I'm talking decades here.

Last year, my son asked me if I wanted to go with him and buy a small
boat. After a couple of outings, I decided the next thing we needed to
outfit the boat with was a GPS chart plotter and fish finder. The marsh
really changed a lot in the past 30 years. On researching what brand,
what maps were available and so on, I decided the Lowrance units offered
the best quality for the price. What was lacking were the map offerings.
The built in maps were almost unusable. I started looking at mapping
options and finally decided to get the Lowrance because of its
capability of using user created maps.

Well, what started out as a hobby with a few areas mapped turned into a
much bigger project. I now have a very detailed map of South East
Louisiana that is as good as any commercial product offered. I know
because I've used the same data sources in my product as the big guys.

This bring us to the point of this email. I am now licensed by Navico to
produce commercial maps on SD cards for the line of Lowrance chart
plotters. I am also licensed to do business in Jefferson Parish,
Louisiana, etc..

I would like to offer some promotional copies of my product to select
boaters who fish S.E. Louisiana for evaluation. This is where I thought
you may be able to help.

Why would you want to help? Let me explain my vision for this project.

My concept is to create the best and most accurate map for this area. To
do this, I need social feedback from a group users. This way I can
respond and modify my maps content for those users. On top of the
available map data currently available, I have added data from other
sources that other mapping products can't duplicate because of the
extent their maps cover. Some of the data used from government sources
is very dated. I know what data from those sources need to be updated.
If you make a map that covers the entire Gulf Coast, it would not be
feasible to add the kind of content and updates I want with my map, but
even with my relatively small map area, I know it would require a
community project to accomplish this. I have a website that I'm putting
together. ( The website membership is free and I want to
keep the map price as low as possible with the cost of the map product
supporting this project. Right now, I'm thinking about $40 to cover my
costs of the website, license and royalties, software and equipment. If
you go to the website, you can see a few of the ideas I have
implemented. Feel free to register and try out the map maker app. (still
under construction) and please feel free to give me your feedback,
critical or otherwise and I'll also be happy to answer any questions you
may have.

So to summarize, I want to create a community driven project that will
give us here in S.E. La the best map option for the Lowrance group of
units using my licenses, equipment and know how that will be affordable
enough for all to use. Other brands of chart plotters may be added later.

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this.

Tim Kolesa