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2015 Lousiana Sportsman Show

I have been going to the LA Sportsman Show for many years, but I had the chance to help out at QDMA / Big Buck Contest booth this past Saturday!


The amount of venders in the outdoor industry that were there was just crazy..... And the people that came through just looking was pretty cool to see.

I love Louisiana, we really do live in Sportsman Paradise.

My addiction is Deer Hunting, it's in my DNA ~ Crazy motivated year round. So to see the bucks that were brought in 1st hand was a rush!

I believe we checked-in over 100 bucks from the region, a few mid-west too. But the majority were from LA/MS, and there were some unbelievable bucks! These being private & public land both. So, Ya we have big deer in the South....

All of these racks were tapped by B&C score officials / La Wildlife & Fisheries Dept.

These guys put many hours into measuring all those racks too!
Thanks for bringing your buck to the show! That was an amazing set of horns. I know you must be proud.
You're DAX???? Didn't realize that, Lloyd. lol

That was a beautiful deer. Thanks for bringing it and helping out with the contest.
Yes Andy !!! DAX is my sons name :)

I like his name, So I used it!

And I'm pretty sure he will be a much better outdoors man than me.......
lol It's always good to put faces to the aliases on the forum. Just keep that boy hunting and fishing, DAX, and enjoy your time with him. Then he can feed you wild game when you get too old to hunt. :-)