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Couple Boating Questions

I've got a few questions for y'all.

We just moved down here to St. Tammany Parish and brought along a canoe and a kayak. I've got a Minn Kota Endura 45 for the canoe. I've never used the thing, but am excited to get it wet VERY soon.

Here are where my questions arise.

First, do I need to register my canoe if I am going to have the trolling motor attached to it?

Also, in this brackish water, am I going to destroy the thing fast? If I keep spraying it down and what not after trips, will I be ok? If it is going to destroy it, I see Minn Kota makes a saltwater version of the same motor. Can I replace parts on my Endura 45 with those when they rust out?

Just wondering. Yeah, sometimes I ain't the sharpest marble...
Yes to your first question. Because of the troll motor, your canoe will need to be registered and have a sticker and numbers from WL&F.

As far as the troll motor, I'd rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use.