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Propane bowl

Ever hear of a spot called the propane bowl or propane tank about 70 miles due south of Belle Pass and a few deg to the west? Was talking with a gentleman about a nice grouper hole. If you happen to have info on it, please message me. Would like to find it and give it a shot. Anybody care to share any info on other grouper spots?
The Propane Bowl.
I could NOT find a specific location that is officially called the Propane Bowl south of Belle Pass.
However, there is a double rig structure that is ownen by Matathron Oil called 'LOBSTER' that is 69 miles at a bearing of 179* from the mouth of Belle Pass in the Gulf of Mexico. It is in the Leased Block # 873 of the EWING BANK (EW)Area at or about 2806.1924 N ~ 9012.0454 W longitude. The site is listed as a 24hr 7 day a week work site and is listed as a 'Collection/Processing Site.' There are numerous under water pipelines that 'feed' the structure from other wells llisted in the area. It is shown on NOAA Chart 1116A Leased Blocks Ms River to Galveston, TX to be in about 120 fathoms of water.

I can't guarantee that this is the location you are looking for. This is a pretty far piece to run on a goose chase if it not correct.

I am still looking, and trying to contact some of my offshore frients to see if they have any additional info.

Any additional info will be posted on this site,

Captain Paul