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number problems

im trying to get a list of coordinates to make a line on my gps of the nine mile fed/state waters i called ladwlf they gave me a great map site problem is it is in a different format than i can use on my gps i have looked on internet for conversion tables but am having no luck for what i need example 89 48.21716 29 4.01839 the seconds have one too many places any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
What you are looking at is degrees and decimal minutes usually described as DD MM.mmmm
What you are trying to convert to is degrees minutes seconds usually described as DDMMSS.
Just for your information, another common lat lon description is decimal degrees described as DD.dddd

To convert, using one of your numbers as an example, take 89 48.21716 and write the 89 as degrees, the 48 as minutes and multiply the decimal of the minute times 60 to find the seconds. .21716 X 60 = 13.02 seconds.
This would be written in DDMMSS as 89 48 13.02.
The same method would apply to 29 4.01839.
DDMMSS would be 29 04 1.1034.

You should be able to set your GPS to take any of the above mentioned cordinate formats.
   gi fisher
thanks bullbowfin i appreciate the help
I believe you divide seconds by 60 also if you know where you are going use Google earth they give waypoints with the cursor
can i ask what website you are using for the line please. it would be aprreciated because i would like to do the same thing.
Here is a conversion page.
gi fisher, can you share the map site with us? I would like to use it myself. Thanks.