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Can I download waypoints directly to my micro chip?

Captain Paul, I have a Lowrance Elite 7. I want to know if I can purchase one of you waypoint files for an area and then directly download onto my micro-chip and then put chip in Lowrance. Thanks!
EDGE to Lowrance unit
The safest way is to use the Lowrance data transfer program called INSIGHT PLANNER.

Some GPS unit operating software will let you copy the Lowrance .usb file onto a spare data card and then transfer it into the internal waypoint memory of a unit.

But,you should get Lowrance’s data transfer program they call INSIGHT PLANNER. This program can be found as a “For Sale” item on the Lowrance web site in their mapping section. The program allows you to safely transfer data between a SPARE memory card your computer and your GPS unit. This data program is included in their INSIGHT Mapping programs or as a stand alone as the PLANNER version.

Basically, you save the file to a folder in your computer, open the INSIGHT program and import the file into the program. Once there you can edit the data, add additional, or delete waypoints, routes, and track data.

By using the INSIGHT program, it ensures that the data is in the proper format for the GPS unit. However, depending on the version of the operating software in your unit, you may be able to just copy the .usr or the .gpx file directly to a spare memory card. To test this type of transfer without the Insight program, place a spare memory card in your GPS unit and transfer (save) the waypoints to the memory card. Then, place the card in your card reader and view the file suffix file (.gpx or .usr) on the card. Then copy the corresponding Edge file to your card.

The Edge file has a READ ME and an instruction file in Word format that will assist you in getting the Edge data into your GPS unit.

Contact me if you need any additional information.

~ Captain Paul~