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Looking for advice on bringing back the color on my bay boat

What's happening guys, I am looking for some advice on bringing back the color of my fiberglass bay boat. it is a red and white triton bay boat and the red coloring on the boat is faded pretty badly. I am trying to bring back the color myself. What would you guys recommend to get the faded oxidation spots off of the red paint on the sides of the boat and also on the center console? I have tried buffing it a while ago with a cheap chemical i bought at academy but It didn't last very long. Is there more I need to do to restore the gel coat other than buffing that liquid onto it?? thanks guys and god bless
Try this

Or try D&T boatworks in the classifieds no one better at bringing back that showroom look.
I second D&T Boatworks
There is a guy that does boat repairs at the bottom of the Des Allemands bridge. He also details boats. His name is Evan….559-9943
here is what worked for me on the dark blue gel coat on my boat that was showing oxidation.

I bought a sponge wheel that fits in a battery drill from autozone. I applied it by and and took it off with the drill.

then I put a second coat of wax with this.
Red rattle can brah.
This is going to sound nuts, but it works. Have been doing it to our fiberglass motorhome and my bass boat for 7 years now.

Go to Lowes or Home Depot and get the Zep wet look floor wax (the kind for commercial floor tile)

Get some Bar Keepers friend.

Scrub the boat top to bottom with the Bar Keepers friend to remove all the oxidation / stains.

Pour the Zep into a pie pan, take a microfiber towel (white if you can find one or pre wash the colored ones), saturate the microfiber towel and wring it out until it is damp. (wear rubber gloves, the acrylic wax will dry on your hands)

begin wiping the hull in one direction, you just want it to be wet. If it is too wet it will run and leave streaks.

by the time you get all the way around the boat, start back over again the first part should be dry. At first it will look like doo doo, some shiny spots some dull spots! After about four or five coats it will start to look almost brand new.

Each year, put on a coat or two. Had it on my metal flake bass boat for 7 years now and have yet to strip it all off and start over again.

If you ever want to take it off, use the floor stripper Zep sells and it will remove it.

makes or 1999 motorhome and my 1996 Blazer look almost brand new.

Same basic stuff as the polyglow or vertiglass they sell for way more. One gallon of Zep would probably do 20 boats.

The acrylic coating seals the fiberglass and it can not oxidize again. Regular was and buffing will start to look bad again in short order!

If you really want to put the time in, you could buff it with the pro grade compound (must not contain any wax) then do the Zep treatment.
I have used a rubbing compound (Turtle Wax). The amount needed depends on how bad the oxidation is. After the oxidation is removed go back over with a wax. Do small areas at a time, a square foot or less.
Paint the boat with Imron , you'll never have to worry about it again and it will last , it is not cheap , I would guess $500 a gallon now days , last time I bought some it was $400 a gallon
you can do it yourself, but its a lot of work, and lots of time. You need to decide if its worth your time or money. With a boat that size i would not hesitate to pay someone to do it. By the time you get the correct materials you are probably half way to just paying someone.