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Rock pile near wd 152
Captain paul im looling for some cordinates to the rock pile just west of west delta 152. If you could get them for me id really appreciate


~ Captain Paul's response ~

I don’t have a specific location named “The Rock Pile”, but I do see a jagged bottom rise from a depth of 248 fathoms (1488 feet) to a depth of 69 fathoms (419 feet) on my contour charts of the area. This location is a very prominent rise in the sea bed that is located at or about a position of 28° 32.981’N ~ 89°55.807’W, which is about 14 miles at a bearing of 260° from a platform (28°35.281’N ~ 89°41.898’ W) which is located in WEST DELTA Leased Block 152. This platform is about 27.5 miles at a bearing of 218° from the mouth of South West Pass of the Mississippi River.

The feature I located is in Mississippi Canyon (MC) Leased block 397.

As said, I don’t know if this is the site you are looking for, but it stands out as a large formation. Farther westward the bottom drops to 210 fathoms then has a gradual rise to 41 then to 33 fathoms.

Hope this helps,

Captain Paul