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I'm open sat-mon who wants in??!

Well legally it is not summertime, but to the offshore fish species it has been for about 2 months. It appears that one of our most favorite and preferred styles of fishing is happening right now! SUMMERTIME!! This style of fishing usually comes with very calm weather, crystal blue clean water closer in, live bait could be plentiful, schooly yellowfins in the 60-100lb class, big blackfins, majestic blue marlins, and a array of other fish species! On most days when the fish cooperate and bite rite, it is not unheard of to get a boat load of tunas with minimal effort! (excluding reeling them in, that is your job) Also this time of year, on a slow tuna bite day, in most cases getting a huge meat haul of big reef species is not difficult! Which so happens to be one of my favorite types of fishing! Just recently In many aspects, I had one of the best days of my career!!
I was with one of my best friends Capt. Jimmy Shaw with
Poco Loco Charters, and Out of nowhere a giant blue marlin (400-500lbs) swam right up to the boat, chasing a yellowfin she had just billed and wounded. The small yellowfin hid alongside the boat, meanwhile Jimmy and I instantly rigged up a rod suitable to handle such a giant fish, we new it was just a matter of seconds before she would disappear!! thankfully in the midst of chaos, we did it! I practically hand fed this giant blue marlin a 20 plus lb yellowfin from the fish box! One strong-willed and strong bodied man, battled her for over an hour and than billed her! She did multiple jumps, and sure put on a show for everyone that was out there! The sheer power of that animal is unreal! it is definitely a day I will never forget! So when would you like to have a day you and your crew will never forget?
I am open this Saturday-Monday if you are interested in taking a charter out of Venice! Also if you have your own boat and would like some great fishing knowledge and experience to come along with you please contact me! I am extremely knowledgeable in the waters of grand isle and Venice. Contact me at (504) 559-3556
Also if you would like to see pics of some of my trips look up my Facebook Mikee Mayronne and my Instagram is
Re: I'm open sat-mon who wants in??!
Some more recent pics