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Need new GPS

I am in the market for a new GPS. I would primarily use it for fishing. My budget is around 200.00-250.00 dollars. I have an older Garmin eTrex but i would like something with a larger screen. I also have the Garmin Mapsource software that I bought years ago. What do you recommend?
TRY the Garmin GPSMAP 64ST
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Idlewildman ~

You will be hard pressed to find a new GPS unit for that price that has a larger screen.
Being you have a Garmin, I would stay with a Garmin system, as you would not have to relearn the nomenclature of another brand.

The closest thing to meeting your price range would be a Garmin model GPSMAP 64. I would order it with the option of having preloaded topographical maps. I believe that it is the GPSMAP 64st model. The ST means that it has sensors and topo mapping.

It will put you a little above your listed spending, but it is a super unit and would give you most if not all the maps you would need.
Check it out on the Garmin web site at

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Re: Need new GPS
I have two an old Garmin 178C and a new lowerance hds touch you may find a used garmin at that price