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Recommended GPS card for Humminbird

Capt. Paul

I have a new boat just finishing up being built and I have the 698CI HD SI COMBO. Could you recommended which GPS card is the best for this unit for the cocodrie area.

thanks in advance

swapped to lowrance
Maps for Humminbird GPS
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Duck Shoot ~

The features of the Humminbird 698CI HD SI is a state of the art unit, however the base map called a UniMap, I believe, needs to be supplemented with one of the available accessory mapping programs.

Humminbird offers a series of maps they call LakeMaster. There is one for our region, but it is mainly for inshore freshwater fishing lakes and locations in our area. They also offer a Navionics South, but it is featured as a multi state lake maps. I don’t believe that either of these products would serve your southeast Louisiana salt water marsh fishing.

Try calling the Humminbird support section at 1-800-633-1468 and see what they recommend for the salt water marsh area of Louisiana.
These supplemental mapping programs will run the better part of $150, so just don’t get the first one they recommend. After getting their recommendation, go to a stocking Humminbird dealer and ask to see the recommended map(s) in Humminbird GPS unit. If they have the map, zoom in on your fishing areas and see if it gives you the detail that you want.

That way you will know what you are getting and if it will serve your needs.

~ Captain Paul ~
Have you looked into the standard mapping E-cards?
Sell the Hummingbird
Buy a Lowrance Touch Screen GPS as big as $ allow
Buy Glenns Standard Mapping Card
Be Happy
Been there and done that with Hummingbird and Garmin. No comparison.
I do not believe that the Standard Map E card will work in a Humminbird unit.

Captain Paul
if having marsh maps is your main goal for a gps unit you have to get a lowrance. Lowrance has standard mapping e-cards and legend.

eventhough humminbird and garmin are great units, they don't have sufficient maps of our marsh area.

I also spoke to Standard mapping guys and they stated humminbird is not even interested in it.
ok lowrance is ordered humminbird replaced now which is the best card please for the marsh areas? Glens?
My luck, just bought new Humminbird Helix 7 gps sonar
Zulu see if your unit works with the navionics platinum chips. I believe those have satellite overlays
Thanks, i will check it out
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