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Myrtle Grove

I can't remember a time going fishing out of a boat and not coming back with any fish.
That happened yesterday fishing out of Myrtle Grove area. Fished Bay Loria, Lake Hermitage, honey holes and canals in that area. A few no keeper trout and reds. Not ONE keeper. My fishing partner caught one midsize sheephead. Worst trip ever. Spoke to some other fishermen, no one had caught anything.
Asked the two ladies working at the marina, they said no one was catching anything to speak of.
Did anyone catch any fish to speak off this past weekend?
Re: Myrtle Grove
i fished bay jimmy and bay chene fri and it was more of boat ride than a fishing trip. That area has been way off since they started all that land building in lake hermitage. I usually always end my day in magnolia for reds but i dont even go back there anymore.