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Great News For Snapper Fisherman

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA/NMFS) has had its funding of Amendment 40 AKA Sector Separation cut off in fiscal 2016 probably (appropriations bill not law). Amendment 40 is the amendment that takes half of the recreational red snapper allocation and reserves it for use only on charter boats.

What it means: Right now the red snapper season is again closed in federal waters. It is closed even though a significant portion of the recreational fishermans 49% share of the gulf allocation has not been met. Next year it looks as if the recreational season will not closed until all of the federally mandated recreational limit is met.

Or maybe until 80% of it is met since they are only allowing 80% of your allocation to be filled.

The really good news that I take away from this is that the mismanagement of the red snapper fishery has gotten so bad and so corrupt that the US congress is taking steps to fix the situation.

We all know the old phrase 'It takes an act of congress to...' Well congress is acting and that alone should let everyone know just how bad NOAA/NMFS management has been with regard to red snapper, even if you don't follow this issue closely.
that's great, but i'm sorry, nothing at all against you! congress needs to worry more about the future of this country, our children and our grandchildrens future than fish!!! the president is a joke and so is congress, demos and republicans, but its not a funny joke at all!!!!! just my little opinion!!!!
I agree there are other much more important matters for congress to deal with. But the truth of the matter is THIS IS their job. THEY DO have time for this and time to do the more important things. This is not an either or situation.

I am sure small matters are being overlooked. But that just highlights the degree of mismanagement that has been going on with NOAA.
no the fisheries need to be turned over to the states and not the fed govt.