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Act now to correct Red Snapper Issue

The NOAA is seeking public comment on a draft environmental impact statement for amendment 28. What is boils down to is the gulf council is considering action to reallocate the red snapper harvest between the commercial and recreational sectors. The council is considering comm:rec allocation options ranging from the current 51:49 % to 33.3:67.7%, respectively. The NOAA must receive comments by july 20.
Document: NOAA-nmfs-2013-0146

That's what I'm talking about. Give everyone 1/3!
Act now! Speak up,
Tell your friends!
Waste of time. They do not put out these request for comments because they want your input. They do it because they must.

They do not even take advice from their advisory board! They were advised not to move forward with amendment 40 and did anyway. This continuing disregard for proper management and going repeatedly against the wishes of the majority for over a decade now has finally forced congress to become involved. Hence the resent bill that will defund amendment 40.
Well mike, I feel like a fool. I guess just wishful thinking. Looks like the senate is getting involved. Who knows??
Well you certainly shouldn't feel like a fool. Are maybe we are all fools. Yes congress has now gotten involved and if nothing else it might get Louisiana the 9 nautical mile state waters limit officially recognized by the feds.

I say if nothing else because... get this: Even with the passage of the house of the appropriations bill which defunds ANY pathway that involves gifting half of the recreational catch to charter guides. They NMFS is already moving forward with amendment 41 and 42 which would require sector separation! This before the amendment 40 ink has hardly dried, even though amendment 40 has a sunset provision of three years. The greedy blanks couldn't even wait a full year before trying to screw over the recreational fisherman permanently.

Short version: Put in a sunset provision to garner the votes and lessen the resistance and immediately after implementation go for more to basically eliminate the sunset set provision. Unbelievable.