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Vermillion Bay, Hummingbird

Captain Paul,

Does your SD card for Vermillion Bay contain GPS coordinates for abandoned rigs or underwater shell beds at Tiger Shoal or similar?
Info Edge for Vermillion Bay
Captain Paul's response to WBratcher,

The CAPTAIN PAUL's Fishing edge of GPS WAYPOINTS is NOT sold as a file on a data card. It is an electronic download file that you install in your GPS unit. Some units require all data be transferred to the unit via a SPARE data card. Most also require that you use their manufacturers data trans program. Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird and Raymarine all have such programs available on their web site. Even if you do not purchase my Edge file, it is a worth while in time to get and install their data Transfer program as it will allow you to transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes to and from your computer and GPS unit. It is way easier entering the position data while on your computer than trying to enter one at a time directly into your GPS unit. A transfer of over 100 waypoints can be transferred under two minutes, whereas it may take you five minutes just to enter one directly into the GPS unit
The Vermillion Bay Edge has positions for many of the inshore reefs shell beds in and around the bay. It has the La Wildlife &Fisheries inshore artificial reefs in the area and some of the near shore reefs such as Diamond Reef, but it does NOT have off shore reefs, shoals, or oil/gas platforms.

It does NOT have any positions around the Tiger Shoals area.

All of the Edge downloads come with a READ ME, Instructions File and the data file in the proper format for your brand of GPS unit, an Acrobat .pdf file which is a general map of the area and all of the waypoints listed. Many have a HOW TO FISH the location. In addition, there is also included a spread sheet file of all of the data. I suggest that you print out the spread sheet and .pdf file and take them on board in a two gallon size plastic bag.
Contact me if you need any additional information.
Captain Paul