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SP 152

I have a Humminbird 1197C SI with the lake maps card. The map is a little limited. I am looking for SP 152 out of Fourchong. We used to fish it when I was a kid. Not sure if it still there. Is there a book with all the passes and rig numbers for purchase?
Offshore Platforms
~ Captain Paul's response to: Foxholel 123 ~
I am not quite sure that I know where you are looking as SP 152 is in the Southern area of Brenton Sound and not near the Fourchon area.

Mike Lane of RodnReel at one time had a book that covered some of the Offshore Rigs and reefs, but I donít know if it is still in print.

However, I suggest that you start by getting at least two general NOAA charts of the local offshore areas.
Chart 1116A and 1115A covers the Offshore Leased Blocks from Cape St. George FL to Galveston TX. These charts show the areas and the blocks in those areas. This is a starting point.

Next, the U.S. governmentís agency that has all of the current and past information is the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has a data search web site.
This site allows the user to search the leased Blocks in the offshore areas.
Try them at:

By using the two together, you can pinpoint a block and the platforms in that block.
You may need a more detailed chart once you find your area of interest as the aforementioned are charts that cover a lot of area and do not have a lot of shore details.

Captain Paul
Re: SP 152
Oh hell TYPO TYPO. I ment to type ST 152 out of Fourchong. I have descovered that the rig has been taken down...