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Ripped Out

This was one trip that started off knowing we had to hit the weed line to produce fish. We fished the past few weeks before hitting the Rip 30 – 50 miles out, automatically smoking the dolphin. This particular weekend was our vacation so I had friends that never seen blue water and it would be tough to land the finicky mangroves. Friday morning we loaded up and I was unsure of the RIP location, hit the throttles and did not touch them for 3 ½ hours, finally blue water! It was spectacular to see 5 different rips before hitting the blue water, had a North south brown on brown, brown on green, green on green, green on blue and finally found fish on blue on blue 3 miles from medusa. The bait of choice was cigar minnows with fluorocarbon, no weight tied to a Bimini knot to 80lb power pro. We also discovered anything floating this far out also produces bigger fish, one piece of trash cardboard gave up 4 dolphins and two triple tails. The crew ended with a box full of large dolphin and nonstop action. The next trip should happen in two weeks as we continue to smoke the fish on beautiful formed RIPS.
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Cool Video of our 85 mile Trip

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