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Petit Amite, Diversion, Blind River

During the week it's easy for me to launch the boat and make a short run from Laurel Ridge launch down to Petit Amite, the locks, diversion, or blind river to do some bass fishing. I may catch a small one here or there beating the banks with plastics.

Does anyone have some advice on techniques that work well that I should be doing to catch some more fish. Or certain areas, structure, or cover I should be fishing. Lures? Any advice will be appreciated thanks.
I live on Laurel Ridge. Although I haven't fished much this summer, I like to use white double Colorado spinner, white shallow dive crank bait, red shad worm most of the time. I usually catch bigger fish on launch side of pumps, but more fish yet smaller on Petite Amite or Blind River. Blind River should be good through November, maybe December, after that they begin moving into smaller bayous around the area like Bourgois Canal. Had a buddy go last Saturday on Blind River and caught over 40 between I-10 and Airline.