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Crabbing and Fishing on Elmer's Isle...

Mother in law went crabbing yesterday on Elmer's Isle from 9-4 and caught 6 crabs all day.
I went this morning from 6-noon and got 9 doz mixed. Almost all were caught between day break and 8am.
A lot of people fishing on the surf, kayak and from their boat and did not see one person land a keeper all day.
Just a FYI...
Yep we were one of those boats too we seen one other boater hookup to Bull Red but that was it. And the crabs were same way over off Grand Isle beach we caught bout 15 doz Thur eve threw Sat am and the were caught in morning 6-9 am and 4 till dark.
sat. pm & sunday morning the fish off elmers were in about 8-10 ft of water. if you were surf fishing you couldn't reach the keepers from the shore still caught a lot of small ones out there
fishing vudo shrimp about 3 ft under a cork
   JOHN C.
Any updates on the crabbing from Elmer's Island other than reports from August?