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Question About Hunting on WMA Dove Field

I've never hunted Doves, and haven't really hunted much of anything in the last 10 years. I noticed last year there is a public field on a WMA near me.

Is it legal to use those plastic dove decoys on a public field like this? Is there any type of unspoken hunter etiquette I should know about when hunting on a field like that?

I am disabled and I drove out and looked at the field last year. There is designated parking area across from the field. The first tree in the field is only about a hundred yards from the parking area, while other trees are much further out. My plan is to get there pretty early and try to get that first tree and use it as cover. I wanted to put out some of the decoys in hopes of attracting more doves my way. Just don't wanna tick anyone off.
Re: Question About Hunting on WMA Dove Field
I would think that you can use any legal means, which decoys are legal elsewhere. Your question would probably be best answered by calling the LDWF office nearest you or Baton Rouge.