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At least two of the ads I have inquired about today are scams. Every product that they are advertising is $2000. Insanely cheap for a few of the posted items. I emailed the two I was interested in, heard back from both and what do you know? Both are women you desperately need to be rid of things. One, a widow. The other, a divorcee. Not uncommon, however neither is in Louisiana because they have both had to move and neither commented when I first told them I had the cash to buy as soon as possible. Rather, all payments must go through Google Wallet. Odd.
it is very disappointing as I needed to make a purchase right away.
Beware of anything being offered at $2000 when it seems to be worth much more.
These ads are all over Sportsman. If the deal is to good to be true, it is. I mark every one with the scam report. I do not know what this does but I feel it is worth my time. I also had someone interested in something I was selling. Turned out to be a scam also. Be cautious!
Reply it the old way were you can look into their eyes w/cash in hand and a trusted friend standing quietly by to witness the bill of transaction...if you real smart quit running in circles looking for super deals only breeds more scammers...grab the mid-point of averages and run...cheers

p/s JK...use the 'Double Barrel Slingshot'...and burn'em back...
   poppy o
Too good to be true is always the best guide. Also when you sell they want to send a courier or use paypal to pay you more than you're asking for, that's a scam! Don't fall for it!!!!