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Thinking about moving to Louisiana, need help

Hi everyone, my name is Boone, and I need some help. My wife went to LSU, I grew up in Texas but have family scattered from Lockport to Jackson to Point Clear. We have a little boy, and we are sick of Austin. We have always talked about moving to Louisiana, but with all the traffic and everything, we are getting serious.

Work is not a huge issue since my wife is a Realtor and can maintain her business from anywhere. Same for me as a draftsman. Here is what we are looking for, and maybe this will help folks give us suggestions on an area to look at.

Less than 1 hour to salt
Less than 20 minutes to good freshwater
All the necessities (good groceries, hardware store, sporting goods, at least a few good restaurants near by, low crime rate)

That's pretty much it. The hour to saltwater is obviously going to keep us south. It's just hard to know how to go about picking a town. I think once we pick a town we will spend a couple weeks there in October to see how we like it.

Thanks in advance for your help, and if we can do anything for you let us know!
Covington/ Abita/ St Tammany Parish Safe Parish close /borders lake ponctarain and lake borgne Fresh water all over Country and city style living great schools
St.Charles Parish
Well you got it narrowed down....Anywhere from St. Charles parish to lafayette south of I/10
Barataria La. you can live on the water and fish salt and fresh in the same day no problem. No problem catching bass,trout reds on same trip. Shrimp and crab off your dock at times. We have had a camp home there for past 12years and have never flooded and had only light damage from storms. Church and restaurants only a few miles. About 40min.less from down down NO and 30min from all the shopping you can want.Fire station and post office a mile away. Have city sewerage and garbage pick with special cans furnished by city. Also has pick up any trash like trees etc.They spray for bugs and have city lights. Only problem this is an island with some low areas and you have to cross a swing bridge. You will have to move out if a storm is forecast to hit for sure.
...'The Old The Short and 'da Skinny'...just bring a lot of dollars for taxes with many names that disappear !!! (like a two year brake tag in the name of 'public safety' that crinkles-up on the windshield ???

(The Grumble'n Rabbit)cheers
Try to live anywhere north of I12 unless you dont mind working for an insurance company. That is the dividing line between reasonable insurance and ripping you off.
What is your budget? Are you going to rent or purchase? Lakeview in New Orleans is a great place, but the purchase price of a home starts at $300,000. If your budget is less than $150,000 try Slidell or Saint Tammany Parish where you can live right on the water. If your at $100,000, I would highly recommend Chalmette. Some of the best fishing in Louisiana is 20 minutes down the road in Shell Beach and Delacroix.
   Dr. Spot
Which do you prefer? Salt or freshwater? If saltwater is the preference but you want some freshwater, the choices have narrowed down to: 1) Somewhere along HWY 1 such as Larose, or 2) Somewhere with access to Cocodrie like Houma.

Otherwise, just about anywhere else is an option. The state has already or....soon...will change everything else to a freshwater fishery with spurts of saltwater fishing in the Fall/Winter.

Also, I saw a recommendation for the Northshore. Unless its Slidell (where I live), a lot of the popular areas for reds, trout, etc., are quite a drive. You don't want to depend on Lake Pontchartrain for saltwater fishing anymore. Its a shame, because Northshore is a great place to live.

I left out Venice, which is an amazing mix of all fishing (fresh, inshore, offshore), but very vulnerable to hurricanes now.
   Teddy J
I moved from St Charles Parish 14 yrs ago. It was so good living there with fishing being so close. Had many memorable trips over the years. But, because of retirement etc etc yada yada, we moved to Maurice. Nice small town, with Lafayete college town feel and Abbeville just south of us with more big box stores & restaurants than we need. I did discover Pecan Island, Delcambre, Cypremont Point etc etc. took a while to figure out every thing, but when you can go on a trip and catch, crabs, shrimp, bass, trout, flounder, red's etc etc. It's a hard place to beat. you just need to learn it.

teddy j
Lower Lafayette area or north shore. Both have good public school systems. Crime not as bad in Lafayette area. Traffic is going to be fairly heavy Lafayette to north shore and south. Basically a third of the state resides in this area.
I recommend Mandeville or Madisonville, especially for your kid. IMO, they have the best public schools in the state and you also have many other options for private educations. I live in Madisonville and I can be in prime saltwater fishing waters in 45 minutes. Fresh water is everywhere around here so no problems there. FYI, Lake Pontchartrain is mostly fresh to brackish waters. The salt line is the HWY11 bridge but this changes with certain conditions. I hope this helps.
Sounds like you just described Thibodaux to me.
Assumption Parish….Great fishing in Lake Vette the Spillway is 30 minutes away….Salt water fishing is about 1:30 away…NO TRAFFIC here…Lots of work on the Miss.River that is 30 minutes property taxes is not that high…