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Thompson Center Pro Hunter Review

Here is my setup: Thompson Center Pro Hunter 35 Whelen 28 inch stainless fluted barrel. Talley one piece medium height scope mount in camo finish, Leuopold VX2 3-9x40 scope with the standard duplex reticle. Shooting the Barnes vortex 180 grain bullets.

I LOVE this gun so far. I had my scope mounts and scope put on and had it bore sighted. I brought it out on the lead sled at 100 yards and it shot 7 inches high and 2 inches to the right. On the lead sled the recoil was pretty much non existent. My scope adjustments matched where the bullet was hitting until I got on bulls eye. Shot a one inch group and called it a day. I think that if I were a better shot, I could have gotten 1/2 inch groups or better. I took it off of the lead sled to shoot it just to see how the recoil was. I have to say, It wasn't bad. It was less than the 45/70 handi rifle I used last year. The muzzle jump was not bad either, as I hear a lot of people say about the CVA in 35 Whelen. Just thought I'd give my 2 cents!