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GPS Question

Hello guys,

I've got some old maps with some strange GPS coordinates on them. I was told some off shore fishermen are likely experts. So if anybody recognizes this format I'd appreciate any input you might have.

The coordinates are this:
597 699.5 North 2 983 197.8 East

These are supposed to be in Omaha right on the Mississippi river. But I can't find a way to convert them where that makes sense.

Any thoughts?
Seems to be in a State Plane format
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Jayson 172 ~

I believe that the coordinates you listed are in a format of STATE PLANE, but I am not completely sure as I donít have a topographical map of Nebraska to be able to accurately plot the position in the state plane format. The State Plane format is a form of Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid format, but stated in feet rather than meters.

Generally, the format would look something like 15T N. 44571480.0 E. 0255270.0. This position is for the center of the MISSOURI RIVER at the I-480 bridge in Omaha. It is normally called Northering ~ Easterling in zone 15T. The numbers represent meters north of the equator and east of the east~WEST boundry zones edge.

Aside from that, I donít believe that the MISSISSIPPI RIVER passes in OMAHA. You may want to double check the figures you have and if correct, plot them in the State Plane format.

Captain Paul
Re: GPS Question
Google GPS cordinate conversions.
Re: GPS Question
That is state plane coordinates. Make a visit to a local land surveyors office. They can do this in about 20 seconds