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Help with old gps.

My lms 522c finally gave out and I bought a 339c to take its place because the wiring was the same.the map on the 339 is not nearly as detailed because it came from japan.what map would give me the most detail of the lake ponchartrain area.thanks in advance.
Mapping for older units will be hard to find
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ MuleChaser ~

As you know, the Lowrance LMS 339C is also a discontinued model and is listed as a LEGACY unit on their web site. That means that they do not service the unit any more and that accessories for it are in real short supply. The mapping for that unit was, at the time it was in production, the MAPCREATE USA TOPO series 7. If you have a copy of that software, you should be able to load it into your 339. (???)

I donít believe that the current line of mapping software will work in their older discontinued units. To verify this, call Lowrance Support at 1-800-324-1356 and ask the technician exactly what mapping software would work in that unit.

You may also check with Standard Map, (985) 898-0025,to see if their aerial view photo maps would work in that unit.

I would not invest a lot of money in accessories for the unit, including mapping, if they were not compatible with their newest line of units. Electronics, like GPS units, have a limited life span. As Lowrance is no longer servicing that unit, once it goes down, it is down for the count.

~ Captain Paul ~