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deer burrito

A friend of mine told me about Mickey Browns deer burritos and was to let me know when he was going so I could send some deer meat to have burritos made. Well he forgot. I ragged him bad enough to where he gave me some. Damn they were delicious but I thought maybe I can make them myself. Look on internet did not see one recipe that suite me so I put together my own recipe. I find it just as tasty as Mickey Brown's.

Take about 1 ham of deer put in slow cooker with steak seasoning and 2 cans of Campbell soup “beef consome’” cook about 5 hours or until you can separate with fork.
Take meat out shred it with fork and I took a knife and chopped it up to about 1 in long pieces.
In a pan or skillet mix in the following.
15 oz cooked shredded deer meat
1 can of refried bean 16oz
1 can of diced green chili 4 oz
About ¾ cup of juice from cooking meat
1 pack of taco seasoning (add more if desired)
Salt and pepper to taste
Let this simmer 15-20 mins on low heat
Let mixture cool down and spread over tortilla sprinkle with cheese if desired.
I used the large tortillas and got 6 out of this.