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Here's the latest update:

There have been a lot of rumors running around regarding the closing of launches at Reggio and Delacroix. I rode down there this morning to see for myself and get the latest info.

The launch is currently open. Several boats launched there this morning. The new owner (Ricky Kelt)had some trouble over the weekend with trespassers camping on the grounds, some duck hunter giving him grief while he tried to launch his own boat and to top it off, someone hunting on his duck property.

He drove pilings at the front of the marina and by the backdown. He was going to close it down-CAN YOU BLAME HIM?HOWEVER: He has not closed off the marina and if everyone will respect him and his property, he will leave it open. Accordingly, don't park like an idiot. Pick up your trash and don't go camping out on his property.
If his property is respected, the launch will remain open for us to use while he is in the process of getting it up and back running as a marina.

Thanks Ricky for the "second chance". I hope some other yahoos don't mess it up for everyone else.


There were reports the the End of the World was blocked off. It is not. Several boats launched there this morning. However, like Reggio, the EOW is on private property and is usable, but not officially open. I'm sure if the same problems start occurring at the EOW, it really will be shut down. Please use some common sense and respect these folks' property and be thankful you have a place to launch.

Serigne's is in the process of concreteing their backdown launch and you should be able to launch there again shortly.

That's the latest info.
Thanks for the very helpful information that you have been passing along on the Reggio/Delicriox issue------ I came to LSM quite sometime ago and considered it my second home for fishing/outdoors info , but in the last couple of months more and more I find La Sportsman is my number one choice , it's easier reading I 'd say from the post / reply format being linked together , accompanied with a little less sensorship which makes it more entertaining ,eductional and informative all at the same time ---- the statis and furture of Reggio /Delicriox marinas open/closed issue is very important to a lot of recreational and charter fisherman including myself , just read where it has become sensored on the other site , management over dar' don't want to hear about it any more because the marinas in question don't pay advertizing fees to that site , it even was suggested by management that we the fishermen, hunters and outdoor people should call and talk to the owners of the marinas in question about them paying some advertizing fees to the site and then the condition of the marinas could be discussed , but until then any further comments on the subject will be deleted ---- the marinas in question don't really exist at this time and their furture's are in limbo , in my eyes any help in the matter betters Louisiana , St Bernard , Reggio, Delicriox ,fishermen and hunters from this state and other states alike , it's all about the dollars over there and too much sensorship will ruin anything fishfiles
I know that this situation affects many, including myself. I've made two trips down there this week for the sole purpose of getting accurate, up-to-date information.

Several folks have suggested that Mr.Kelt should put up an honor box to collect for the launch. Sure, some still would noy pay, but the good honest folks surely would and the money would help him get the operation up and running sooner. I hope he decides to do it. I would even venture to say that $10.00 a launch is reasonable in today's times and I would gladly pay it. It surely beats the alternative of having no launch.

St.Bernard took a very hard hit from the storm and is slowly coming back. Many folks come to St.Bernard for the great hunting and fishing. Their support and dollars help in the recovery.

We do have many good folks on this site that are always willing to help out and share information. Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you are participant on the site.

While I don't fish or hunt that area, I am glad the launch will remain available.

On a side note, if you or anyone you know owns a marina that was damaged by Katrina or Rita, please email me or have them email me. I am in a position where I can probably get them 6 months of free advertising on the internet.

ps, I could not believe that "other" site was trying to extort money from a business that doesn't exist and charges no fees for letting people know it was "open"

But, then, I am not surprised. Greed is a terrible monster, and that man is infected to the nth degree.
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