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Data Transfer

Capt Paul,

I have some trails that were created and stored on my computer in the .gpx format. I would like to transfer those trails to my Lowrance HDS head unit. I downloaded a copy of the EasyGPS program. Any suggestions on the best way to accomplish the data transfer to my GPS Unit? Will I need to convert the file to another format? Thanks....
GPX formatted data
The safe way to complete the data transfer you described is to purchase a copy of the LOWRANCE data transfer program they call INSIGHT PLANNER. It is by far the easiest and safest way to make the transfer.

The . GPX file protocol is an attempt to standardize data protocol for the GPS industry, much as the old BETA and JCV were in video tapes.

The newer LOWRANCE units can accommodate the new GPX as well as the older Lowrance .USR protocol files. It will allow the user to view, edit, delete, transfer and save routes, tracks, and waypoints to and from a LOWRANCE GPS unit and a PC computer via a SPARE memory card.

You can try to simply copy the .gpx file to a spare memory card and using the menu feature of the GPS unit intergrate the new data into your current waypoint, tracks and routes file.

I don't recommend simply transferring existing tracks from one unit to another. It is MUCH, MUCH better to convert these tracks to a ROUTE if you expect to run the course over and over again. The GPS unit can guide you with headings and distances, rather than you trying to follow a dotted line on your screen.

Captain Paul