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Thanks for the youth hunt commish!

Boy, my kids sure are excited that the youth duck hunt in the coastal zone is tomorrow!! Only problem, there are NO DUCKS. Come on, man. Evangeline parish in the coastal zone!! Really?? There are no ducks. There will be no ducks next week or the week after.
This commissioner sucks. He ignored public opinion and set the season as HE wants. What about the kids, bud????
Your 100% right
Its a joke youth hunt is today.
what are we talking about , when we expressed our opinions about the early opener we were bashed and told we did not know anything about hunting that all the greys are in our marsh in early oct. ,,, well lets see starting nov. ,,(7) days till opener still hot as hell, extra high water, bugs galore ,no birds ,no cold weather predicted, yea should really be a great opener,, just made a trip on the boat from joilet ,il. to new Orleans still not seeing any decent amount of birds moving down a few scattered flocks here and there is all ,, I wish all of the southeast la coastal hunters a safe opener and really hope some birds move down aleast for the kids to have a good time,, oh yea bring your fishing lines the trout are banging in the marsh at least you could bring home some meat for the table
Well, with all the up's and down's we have ducks we don't have duck . Look like LWf could fix this, let's make the costal zone on every thing b low hwy 90. That were most of use that don't have ducks due to high water and hot weather is were most of use on here or from. We don't have duck down here unstill we get our first good cold front and lower our tide, to me they don't look or think about us on our end, LWf I invite u MR. COMMISSIONER to come down and I will bring you around then tell me we have a lot of duck on and early open down here, or let some one LIKE LARRY FLY OVER ON THIS END FROM HWY 90 TO THE GULF, We went work our blinds SAT. 10-31-15 there was 2 feet of water in side our old blind and 2 feet or more over the road that led to the lunch, and on top of that we saw a hand full of duck and they were Black duck. THANK'S COMMISSIONER
Mississippi Duck Season dates Nov 27-29 2015 first split, Second split Dec 9 to Jan 31 2016. Arkansas November 21-29 Dec 10-23 and Dec 26 to Jan 31 2016
Alabama 2014-2015 Duck season dates November 27 2014 to January 25 2015
Florida Duck season 2015-2016 Nov 21-29 first split Dec 12 to Jan 31 2016 ( Further south than Venice by the way)
North Carolina Nov 14-Dec 5 first split Dec 19-Jan 30.
South Carolina Nov 21-28 first split Dec 12- Jan 31
Georgia Nov 21-29 first split Dec 12- Jan 31 2016
Tennessee Nov 28-29 first split Dec 5- Jan 31 2016.
It seems that most other state departments know they have more ducks in there areas later than earlier, and I don't think they kill to many French Ducks anymore in Florida either!
It's no use guys. LDWF has gone the way of the Federal Govt. COMMON SENSE no longer applies-- STUPIDITY & POWER reigns supreme!!!!!!!