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E15 and Higher Ethanol Blends Coming to Louisiana

Readers, I posted an article on my website Monday evening titled 'USDA Announces $210 Million to Be Invested in Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership'.

The USDA Press Release indicates that 21 States applied for participation AND Louisiana is on the list. Louisiana is being granted $1.3 Million which must be matched 1:1. The grant would provide 187 ethanol blend pumps and 25 ethanol tanks at 11 proposed stations to sell E15, E20, E30 and E85. The fact that there are so many pumps at only 11 gas stations suggest to me that a large retailer like Racetrac or similar retailer may be behind this.

And, you think we had problems with E10? That's NOTHING compared to what will be experienced with blends higher than E10.

Read my commentary to the article and the actual article on my website's home page, and I also URGE you to read my website's page titled 'Ethanol Facts' to help you understand the MAJOR issues with ethanol gasoline blends HIGHER than E10:

I will keep readers abreast this MAJOR issue.

'Pete' Landry