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height factor

how high you have to be so the deer does not see you and smell. what cover scent to use if any.
please reply
southern runner
kinda depends on wind and luck.the higher the better in most situations but the area you're huntin may not allow you to get as high as you would like to(16-22ft) is what i like to get but the biggest deer i ever killed i was only 10ft up in a tree. as for as cover scents it depends on what area you hunt and what time of the year it is. i use scent killer to help hide my scent
Swirling winds? This is unorthidox. but try taking a piss off the stand... It sounds unusual... But will bring them in.
It's easier to not be seen if the deer is high.
as for as cover scents anything that smells like deer s--t
I always go as high as possible. I am not absolutely sure that it makes a big difference. But by going high up I know one thing for sure is that I am not to low in the tree!! I do think it does help tho.