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Used Boat

Looking to buy a used boat to marsh fish. What do taxes, registration etc usually cost? Have about 10k to spend , what will go towards taxes, registration etc. Thanks
Taxes and registration are cheap. If your buying a boat that the least of your worries.
B.O.A.T. - Break Out Another Thousand

Get the boat and especially motor inspected by a qualified marine tech. Ask around to see who to trust in your area. Usually charge a couple hundred bucks to check it all out for you.

Call your regular insurance agent to get a quote. I think mine is
A tip on purchasing a used boat make sure no leans on it. Boats do not have title.
another tip.

if you are buying a used boat from out of state make sure its from an individual and not a dealer.

if it is an individual you do not need to pay any taxes..

if its is from out of state make sure to know the laws of that state compared to ours. Some states don't title trailers some states don't title boats.

Getting the boat is the easy part. Titling and registration is a pain.
I have a 1999 16' Mitch Craft with a 2000 75hp Mercury on it for sale. Nothing wrong with boat. I purchased a bigger boat since my family is growing. Asking $5000 for it. If you would like to see pictures, email me at and I will be glad to send you some. Great fishing boat for three people.