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vintage standard mapping charts? where? who?

Dear capt. Paul

I'm looking for old date mapping. I would like to frame an aerial satellite map of Southeast louisiana from 60's,70's,80's,90's. I want something to reference what the coastal marshes my father, grandfather, and I fished when we grew up. Furthermore, I would like to frame this and hand it on the wall of my home. 3ft by 5ft would be great.

Where would I be able to find these maps? Who would have them? Can they be reproduced? (I don't need original versions )

Would standard mapping be able to retrieve and reproduce maps from different decades?

Standard Mapping
Also, try
In Covington, La
Ask for Glenn Schurr

I have been advised by Mr. Shurr that they have EXACTLY what you described.

Captain Paul
Try Fishing Map Center AKA TOM DUNNE
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Fishinmachine21 ~

You may want to try reaching TOM DUNNE of The Fishing Map Center at 985-781-7906 email
He may have exactly what you are looking for. If not, try the USGS Topographical archives in Denver Colorado. And any Print on Demand NOAA contractor can print old NOAA Charts for you. There are others, but Baker Lyman in Metairie is one.

I am interested in how you make out. Please let me know.

Captain Paul
Re: vintage standard mapping charts? where? who?
...what happened to the Time-Picayunes' 'isobars' drawn by Mr. Hek...??? cheers