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Decoy spreads in the marsh

I've always used just the average decoy spread with groups of big ducks and other groups of teal on the outsides spread out accordingly around the blind with a few landing strips in front of the blind. What decoy spreads to ya'll throw out in the marsh? Im sure ducks have to get used to seeing the same ol thing and i think i'm falling victim to this at times with gray ducks getting smarter and smarter with no fronts pushing new birds down. I'm looking for some ideas for a game changer guys lemme know what ya'll think
When it gets real tough switching to 5-6 coots a pair of greys all upwind of the blind a bit in a crosswind set can work on small water. I change up pretty often depending on wind, species, weather ect. Bigger pond we used 7-9 dozen decoys with one big centered landing zone years ago, it's a pain but it works. Other times when ducks are sparse and spooky we just use 5-6 grays near shore to one side of the blind, preferably on the upwind side of a quartering wind (NE or NW in a S facing blind.
If you can find a point you can set all the decoys upwind and shoot as they pass over. And finally when all the ducks want to land just wide we have just hunted away from the spread one to either side to kill the ducks 'sliding off' at the last minute.