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I lease land in Biloxi and stay out there at my houseboat. .horrible duck season. .shot my limit once..shooting few..this past weekend real bad..seen nothing. .2 hunts 2 people separate blinds 3..hopefully second half good
Re: Biloxi
Do you hunt the same pond every time? I been hunting out there for a while now and it seems that if I hunt a pond and kill a limit the next time I go to that pond its one or two. I hunted a new pond this past weekend and shot 6. My borther in law was 500 yards away and was hunting his pond for the third time and shot two. His first hunt was a limit and second and third hunts were 2 birds each hunt. I hunted a pond opening weekend and killed the limit went out there for the next hunt and killed two. Im am just going to hunt a new spot evey time and see wha that does.

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