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2016 53 Gun Raffle (Fort Pike Volunteer Fire Department)

The Fort Pike Volunteer Fire Department is again having a great gun raffle for 2016. They will give away one gun each week for the whole year. (53 weeks = 53 guns given away) The raffle ticket cost $50.

The winner will be determined each Saturday by the Pick 3 lottery numbers drawn for that week. You have the chance to win multiple times throughout the year. See the photo info on how to buy tickets and what guns they are raffling. Only 1000 tickets will be sold and they have been going fast. - (000-999) The raffle starts the first week in January.

The Pick 3 is simply the mechanism to select the winning numbers each Saturday. There are ONLY 1000 possible combinations of numbers that can come up. Therefore, with ONLY 1000 tickets being sold, someone will win each week.

There is no limit to how many weeks your ticket could win. It's all luck of the draw.

It is also a great way to ensure that all the winners are fairly selected. No one controls what Pick 3 combinations come up.

Great raffle for a great cause.

For more information or to purchase tickets:

Elise Snoeren

(504) 427-0774

Fort Pike Volunteer Fire Department Board
Chris...I like the structure for the luck of the draw w/ the Lotto numbers...who had the 'brains' for that idea ??? it's a no hassle call (save me a Henry or Marlin) ...cheers
I don't know Admiral, but I've seen a few organizations use that format. I think the biggest benefit is it removes all doubt that the weekly drawings are 'legit.' You get your ticket number and then the numbers are randomly generated each week by the lottery company. No way to 'fix' anything. Since your ticket number can come up any number of times, you have a chance to win every week whether or not you have won before.

Merry Christmas