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Red snapper. Time for action

As many may be aware there has been a valiant effort by Garret Graves to move control of red snapper from Feds to state management. Last year when it came to vote, representative John Fleming abstained from voting. That's right, he turned his back to us. Graves has a lot of national support and will be introducing a similar bill this year and has a good shot of getting it done. Keep an eye out and call your congressman!

On a side note, John Fleming is running for the U.S. Senate seat (Vitter's). Please don't support this adversary of the Louisiana sportsman. We don't need another enemy in Washington.
Charles Boustany is running for the same senate seat. He supports Graves 100%. He is a friend of the sportsmen of this state. We need allies in Washington. Boustany is in full support of changing red snapper management from the Feds to the states!
   Dr. Spot
The commercial red snapper industry is now controlled by a handful of people. Please see:

This is what happens when the feds take complete control. And don't think they will stop at red snapper.
   Dr. Spot
Some of the kingpins are probably on this the guise of 'protecting the red snapper fishery'

Some of these supporters probably also have good intentions on the red snapper fishery. But remember what they say about Trojan horses......
Dr Spot
Thanks for the article in Just scratches the surface of the corrupted monopolizers we endure year after year.
We realize that commercial fishery mobsters control the gulf council, lobbyists, etc.
Big article coming out in the New Orleans papers this week that's gonna expose the corruption further.
I have never trusted politicians, but I tell you Garret Graves and Charles Boustany are not controlled by the commercial guys and are trying hard to get legislation passed to improve the situation. You can't count on the gulf council, so congress is our only hope.
Blood and Guts.....Your facts on correct, and thanks for posting the information.

Dr. Spot...It amazes me that you post such information. Only a few weeks ago, you partner, Rics was blasting officials for opening the spillway. He stated on public radio that it would be better to let people flood than to displace fishing in his area for a short time.

I work many days a year on Washington D.C. You buddy made his comment about 2:00 p.m. and by 6:00 p.m. those comments were used in Washington in an attempt to kill Garrett's bill.

It was obvious from your diversion stance and mistatements about your 'expertise', that you will say whatever comes to your mind, truth or fiction. But I never thought you would be such a hypocrite.
Not alot of fishermen from Louisiana on the list.